Colorado Mountain Dogs

Updated Sept 24, 2022
All of our dogs are in with livestock 24/7 and are working guardians. To reserve a Colorado Mountain Dog, contact me at

or call or text 970-623-0598  :-)
My reserves are -200 .

CNK Mufasa, G3, June 1, 2022

SWF Akela x CNK Wynter, G3, June 1, 2022
Boy Pup 2 is the biggest. He's a fading brown badger who will be almost white. He'll be a great guardian.

Reserved -- 1950

PPF Bliss of CNK

Bliss is a wonderfully intelligent girl, G3, great with goats, very chill and sweet and loving. She is by UUU Judge and SRC Caia.  
Available $1450

CNK Hyla

Born June 1, 2022, G3 CNK Wynter x SWF Akela, This is a loving, active, intelligent pup, with a wonderful refined head.  Hyla is an absolute doll who melts in your arms. She's in with goats, and sharing a fence line with poultry, but she could be a family dog.

Reserved Regina -- 1450

CNK Panda, May 1 2022

CNK Panda is an epic G3 female. CNK Maybel x UUX Wyatt. She is going to be very large for a girl.  She's intelligent, and very loving.  She is chill, and already a diligent guardian, in with goats, does and babies.  Panda has had two rounds of shots and will complete her shots on the 9th of Sept. She will make someone a great guardian, and is also a breeding candidate. - 1850

CNK Nimbus, G3, June 1, 2022

SWF Akela x CNK Wynter June 1, 2022

Very affectionate, a complete sweetheart, and will be huge.

Reserved RA- 1850

TOF Timberling, Sept 2021

WFF Oberon x CNK Bonny Lee of TOF
Timberling is an Oberon son, and he is beautiful.  He's G4, clean legged, and in with goats and poultry. 

Available --1950
Congrats Justine!

CNK Hawkeye, G3, May1, 2022

CNK Hawkeye is a G3 male by UUX Wyatt x CNK Mable. Mable is CNK Tarva x SCR Altair.  He is 1/8 Boz, and a fading reddish color.  Hawkeye is a friendly sweet pup,.. he's chill. He's going to be very large, and will want to guard.

Reserved 1650 

CNK Napoleon, G4, Oberon x Luthien

Napoleon is clean legged, has a beautiful head. Born Sept 27, 2021 He's an active and diligent guardian.  All shots completed.
 --Available -- 1850

CNK Cleopatra, G3 girl

Cleo is a G3 girl, born May1, 2022, CNK Mable, x UUX Wyatt. Single dews. Will lighten to almost white. She's beautiful, stunning.  The photo doesn't do her justice.

Reserved, Regina 1850

CNK Cloud, G3 girl

Cloud is beautiful and has a refined head.  She would be a great guardian or a family dog. Very affectionate. :-) Cloud is a G3 girl, born May1, 2022, CNK Mable, x UUX Wyatt. Single dews. Will lighten to almost white.

Reserved Aimee  1650

CNK Wynter

CNK Tarva x SRC Altair
Wynter is G2, and will be two at the end of Dec. He's a stunning dog, in with poultry and goats, a diligent guardian. He's big...32 at the shoulder, and will mature in another year. It is tough to let Wynter go, but he is a young, trained adult, and ready for a forever home.  We are retaining an offspring from his last litter.

Reserved RA-- 1850

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