Available Colorado Mountain Dogs

Update Sept 10, 2020

Reservations are $200 Paypal -- [email protected], (Use friend setting please)
To write me use  
[email protected] - 970-224-2204 (phone only, no text)

Planned Litter -- Aslan x Angelina

G2 pups, Fall litter

 $1250 BTA Aslan x RAD Angelina

Angelina is the beautiful full sister of RAD Chuck Norris.  Both parents are working, in with goats, and greet me, and my guests, with affection. Reservations:

1. Retained Girl

2. Crissy - Girl
3. Marshall - Girl
4. Jon, Kauri Fjellman - Girl

5. Uyen and Adam -- Male
6. Anne -- Girl

Planned Litter -- Aslan x Peregrine

G4 puppies, BTA Aslan x CNK Peregrine
Fall 2020 --$2250 
I am very excited about this litter and plan to keep an Aslan son from it. 
Aslan has small single dewclaws and Peregrine is clean legged.  Both dogs have gorgeous refined heads, beautiful easy care coats, and the slender body type.  Aslan is huge.  Peregrine is not huge but she has large size in her lines on both sides. 
The pups will be G4, and able to throw purebred Colorado Mountain Dogs. Both dogs are on duty with goats, and are outstanding guardians. Both dogs love people. Time will tell, but I believe this will be the best litter I have bred yet.

1. Retained Male
Retained female

Planned L​itter -- Aslan x Era
G4 pups, Winter Litter, 2021 $1850
BTA Aslan x OUM Era

Aslan and Era's litter will be one of the first G4 Colorado Mountain Dogs born. They will be able to throw purebreds. Era is 28 inches at the shoulder, and Aslan is simply one of the most gorgeous dogs anywhere, and is 32 at the shoulder. These will be big Colorado Mountain Dogs, line bred Caspian.
1. Retained Female
2. Brooke and Troy -- Girl
3. Jennifer -- Boy
4. Brennan - Girl

Planned Litter CNK Broham  x CNK Tarva
$1850 Tarva  X  CNK Broham G2

These pups will be G2 1/4 CMD and 3/4 Boz/Turkish Mastiff. The sire is 34.5 at the shoulder and the dam is 31 inches. These dogs will be huge.  The temperaments and build of both parents are fabulous. They love people.  The breeding will take place in the fall. These G2s will be perfect to cross with CMDs which have a high percentage GP.


1. Retained Boy

2. George -- Girl

3. Matt - Girl

4. Retained - Girl


Available adult! "MAR Mayday" is a year old girl,  is by my stud Aslan and out of HVF Chloe.  She is on site, and in my weanling goat pen.  She is a complete love, great with the animals, the other dogs, and everyone who visits. She barked a lot when she came here, but with easy mentoring, she became a very quiet dog, only barking when there is a reason. If we didn't own her dad, she wouldn't be going anywhere. $1250 RESERVED