The Colorado Mountain Dog started right here with our foundation stud, Crack O' Noon King Caspian. My dogs are registered through the Colorado Mountain Dog Registry (the CMDR) and with ARBA, the American Rare Breed Association.

Colorado Mountain Dogs are being bred all over the country, specifically for small acreage farming. Their identifying trait is that they accept humans, and are friendly, but protect livestock from coyotes, cougars, bears, foxes, and they will even bark at and disturb raptors.

My program is dedicated to producing a healthy livestock guardian who is intelligent, tall, will not bark excessively, will accept your human guests while it guards your animals, is easy to pen and not an escape artist, has a beautiful and manageable coat, has a mellow carriage around the herds will not bother poultry or young animals (they need to be watched at a young age), will not wander excessively, and is an asset to your farm.

I do not own a large number of dogs, nor do I breed my dogs very often or for very long. I am interested in making advancements to CMD genetics more than producing pups. All the dogs I own are on my "Our CMDs" page.

My program is two part: 1. to line cross and maintain the traits of the original CMD foundation stud, Caspian, and 2: to continue to bring in new genetics, evaluating each new candidate for the above traits. To date we have personally added about a dozen new lines to the CMD breed, in addition to our founding lines starting with Caspian, Snow, River, and Tirian, which produced Aravis, Lucy, Titan, Belle, Ginger, Wexter, Lillandil, and many other founding CMDs.

Colorado Mountain Dogs are beautiful dogs. They are tall and slender, have a medium coat with long tails and feathers and manes. They are healthy, and athletic. CMDs are influenced by many LGD breeds and are not a specific breed blend, but selected for temperament and aptitudes.

Photo above -- Caspian, 2006 -- 2016, was my personal dog, who guarded my little farm. He was my luck dragon, the dog of a lifetime. Here he is at our farm with foundation dog, Snow, and the very first Colorado Mountain Dog litter.

I try to make pup placements that suit pups and people. Most CMDs go to working homes, so they can do what they are bred to do. Some CMD lines work better on larger places because they are more intense guardians. Some have a lot of love, and do very well with small acreage farms, where there are lots of people and animals.

If a pup of mine doesn't work in your situation, I will send another pup from different lines.

Purchasing Puppies

To purchase a dog or pup, check the "Available Colorado Mountain Dogs" Page. Reservations are $200 and can be sent via Paypal to [email protected]

We do occasionally have trained adults available.

If you are new at owning working LGDs, we recommend two so that they will have their social needs met while in the field, and also so one dog may sleep while the other guards. CMDs often make great non-working companions as well.