In Memory -- CNK Caspian --The grand daddy of all Colorado Mountain Dogs, and the foundation stud of the breed. 

Caspian was my personal dog, who guarded my farm. He was my luck dragon, the dog of a lifetime. Here he is with foundation girl, CNK Snow, and the very first Colorado Mountain Dog litter.

My Boy Pack

Bontemp Acres Aslan of Crack O' Noon, G3, 

BTA Aslan is a spctacular Caspian line cross grandson. 32 inches at the shoulder, great with our livestock. His mom, Dolly, is Arya's full sister. He is beautiful, sweet tempered, and the epitome of a Colorado Mountain Dog.

Standing at stud

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Crack O' Noon Bruinen G2 male, Snowfall x Broham, 

CNK Bruinen is a G2 son of Broham x Snowfall. Photo 11 months.  Bruinen is a faded badger, about 30 " at the shoulder so far, born with brown patches which faded to silver and then almost all the way to white.  He has a dark black nose, and dark skin around his eyes. He is only 1/4 Pyr, and he is not related to Caspian lines, but is an outcross line I am developing.

Standing at Stud

CNK Broham, G1 Turkish Mastiff outcross. (Huge)

Most CMDs have Turkish breeds in their make up and I decided to go back and do some foundational genetic stuff.  Broham is a cross of Turkish breeds, mainly Boz. Bro has the height, (34 inches!, the build, and above all, the dead chill affable temperament I am looking for.  He's been xrayed and passed his hip check. Shown with my 6' husband. :-)  Broham is a great livestock guardian, and I can let him out at night and have him do a perimeter sweep.  After he's done he joins me for chores, greeting my equines and staying by my side.  Standing at stud 

SCF Neowise, SCF Sasha x SCF Duke, G2, CMDR.

Neowise is a fading Brindle Badger.  His damline is a tight Caspian linecross, and his sireline is a complete outcross to the CMD... Duke is a big brindle badger sweetheart. He only had one litter before being fixed, and this is it. :-)  

The Girl Pack

SCF Sasha, G2, UUX Sophie x SPR Whiskey

Sophie is a stunning Caspian line bred grand daughter. She has Caspian's essence and does his great lion dance. She's my tallest female, and such a lover, leans on me, and guards poultry and goats. Thank you Stone Canyon Farm for sending us Sasha. <3

CNK Peregrin, Female G3, DSK Bandersnatch x CNK Ithilien
CMDR/ARBA Peregrin is a beautiful silver fading badger.  She was born and bred here, and so was her mom, and her mom's mom, and her mom's mom's mom, and her mom's mom's mom's dad was beautiful Caspian.

FUTURE: CNK Bree - G3, CNK Bruinen x CNK Ithilien

Bree is a stunning pup, we kept from Ithilien's last litter, half sister to Peregrine. She is big, refined, and has no dewclaws. We will be evaluating her as a possible pup mom here at Crack O' Noon. 

RAD Angelina, G1, full sister to RDA Chuck Norris.
I am so excited to have this gorgeous girl here!  She is such a sweety, and leans into you, is great with my goats and girl dogs. She is a faded gold badger with some gold spots.  

Gorgeous G3 OUM Nova x UUX Stella
Era is 1/8 Caspian and by the sire huge fuzzy OUM Nova, now deceased.  We feel honored to have her and we're looking forward to her litter with Aslan for G4s.

 CNK Tarva, G21 Sept 24, 2019 CNK Aslan x CNK Lion (Boz)

I am excited about this Aslan daughter of a huge Boz female, Lion. Tarva is 9 months and 30 inches at the shoulder.  She has a tall slender build, and is a wonderful guardian.  She is very intelligent and sensitive.  I am looking forward to seeing how she matures, she is magnificent.  She is an early generation result of crossing in the Boz, to fill the turkish percentage of the CMD.


Crack O' Noon Ithilien

CNK Ithilien is a G2 CMDR/ARBA registered Colorado Mountain Dog, the daughter of Arya and Glenstorm.

Hello KY Farms Snowfall of Crack O' Noo​n

Arya of Crack O' Noon

Arya is a G1 Caspian line bred daughter, 29 inches at the shoulder, has her father's great size, beauty, and temperament. She is especially great with poultry. Arya is registered CMDR/ARBA and passed her pre-certification hip x-rays. Arya greets my guests immediately and is a breathtaking dog.


Desert Kennels Bandersnatch of Crack O' Noon