UPDATED Sept 24, 2022
In Memory -- CNK Caspian --The grand dad of all Colorado Mountain Dogs, and the foundation stud of the breed. 
Caspian was my personal dog, who guarded my farm. He was my luck dragon, the dog of a lifetime. Here he is with foundation girl, CNK Snow, and the very first Colorado Mountain Dog litter.

Crack O' Noon Boy Pack

WFF Oberon Of CNK

G3, CNK Isaac (a Caspian son) x WFF Willa

Oberon is ginormous, 33 inches at the shoulder at 18 months. People can't believe him. And he is a sweet cuddling, affectionate heartthrob. Everyone is captured by Oberon. :-) Standing at CNK. 

CNK Wynter​

Wynter represents years of work. He is a son of Nog/Altair, and Tarva, a CNK girl who is an Aslan daughter out of a full Boz female. Wynter is 1/4 Boz,  Caspian line-crossed and will probably mature to around 32 to 33 inches. 

Update:  Wynter is sold, and we are retaining his daughter, CNK Akela.

W2E Mithril of CNK

W2E Mithril of CNK, G1, Bo x Cheyah

Mithril is a gorgeous recessive frosted blue, who is not related to my lines. 11 months old. Hoping for wolfy blue babies !

Crack O' Noon Girl Pack

TCF Sahara 

Sahara is a beautiful peach colored daughter of Oberon and CNK Atka.  She is a G4 and we'll be looking forward to her babies in 2023.

RLT Lorien of CNK

Lorien is an epic G4 girl. She's a very large female, clean legged, quiet, and a sweetheart.
FWF Artax x RLT Princess
Prin is an Aslan x Royalty daughter.

I am looking forward to Prin's babies in late 2022.

CNK Akela

This stunning G3 girl is by CNK Wynter and out of SWF Akela. CNK Akela is a dedicated guardian already at 3 and a half months of age, and is a sweet loving pup. She is exactly what I'd hoped for from this pairing.

Loretta of CNK

LRF Pastor x PCF Penny  This Caspian line-crossed beauty will be paired with our Oberon for G4 pups. Loretta is a complete sweetheart, and a diligent guardian.