Colorado Mountain Dogs -- Available!

Update Match 11, 2020

Reservations are $200.  [email protected] - 970-224-2204 (phone only, no text)

CNK Ithilien x CNK Bruinen - arriving Mid-May, 2020, CMDR/ARBA
  $1250 (includes deposit amount)
Both of these dogs are vigilant, in working with my goats, and as people-sweet as can be. Ithilien is a white, but Bruinen is a faded silver badger.  I expect all fading badgers, which will fade to white.


1. Kathy M.  Male

2. Paul - Female

3. Tyler - Male

4. Tyler - Female




Available pup! "Silver Wolf" is a 7 month, stunningly marked, G3 male.  He is in with goats, is very chill, and loves people.